What would the world be like after a radioactive comet were to cross by our planet and vaporize three quarters of the population? I will tell you, what we get from Night of the Comet.

This film has a weird premise to start with and just gets weirder and weirder. From a couple weeks ago we get our heroine Catherine Mary Stewart who is great at video games for some reason and her friend who is a typical 80’s blonde, they fight zombies and win.

Here is the basic plot…After a rare comet sighting, teen sisters Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) and Samantha (Kelli Maroney) find that they’re among the only survivors of a zombie attack. The girls partner with another survivor, Hector (Robert Beltran), but as they try to avoid the zombies, they’re sought by scientists who want to experiment on their bodies in the hope of finding an antidote. Dodging both the doctors and the undead, they keep moving in the hope that they can continue to stay alive.

The soundtrack is your typical 80’s score but hey it had its fun moments, I mean you get Chekotay from Voyager on this movie and Catherine Mary Stewart from The Last Starfighter and you are sure to have a winner right? Well maybe not but its still fun.

Here is the Amazon link to the soundtrack.

I’m not going to lie its the only place you can find it unless you get it off Youtube. Oh and its only on Vinal or cassette.

Well here are some clips for you…

Whole World is Celebratin

Let My Fingers do the Talking

Finally Strong Heart


Well that’s it this week guys, hope you enjoy all those lovely 80’s tunes. Next week Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. See you then!