“Can you tell me that within the first few moments of meeting each person in this room, you didn’t form firm opinions of their character?” Mr. Henry Nobley said.

This movie is about one big fan of Jane Austen’s works of fiction. The movie is actually based upon the book by the same name. In my opinion the movie does things better.

It’s basically a comedy of how one woman’s obsession with Pride and Prejudice, and other works of Jane Austen. It becomes real when she goes to a resort in England and lives her own tale.

Typically she falls in love and thinks of a happily ever after even though she realizes she wants real and not the literary world anymore.  Jane Seymoure presents herself as a founder of this elite resort.

I think anyone who loves Jane Austen and the novels will enjoy this movie enormously.

The score is done by Ilan Eshkeri and Emmy the Great. It gives you the feeling of a traditional jane austen movie score and is incredible.

Would you like a couple clips?

Here you go…

Symphony II Romanze


Hot in Herre

Well that’s all for today. Hope you liked it and see you Sunday for Spaceballs. Happy Listening!