“I’m everyone – and no one. Everywhere – nowhere. Call me… Darkman,” Darkman said.

An odd superhero movie about a Man who can change his face and become different people. The movie spawned two other sequels that weren’t nearly as good as the original.

Liam Neison is the Anti Hero Darkman in the film.

Here is the basic plot…When thugs employed by a crime boss lead a vicious assault on Dr. Peyton Wilder (Liam Neeson), leaving him literally and psychologically scarred, an emergency procedure allows him to survive. Upon his recovery, Wilder can find solace only by returning to his scientific work developing synthetic skin, and seeking revenge against the crime boss. He assumes a phantom avenger persona called Darkman, who, with malleable facial qualities, is able to infiltrate and sow terror in the criminal community.

Having the film be directed by Sam Rami, it shows us that Sam had a dark sense about him. He had directed The Evil Dead, the Spiderman trilogy and other films.

The soundtrack was composed by Danny Elfman, who had composed so many films, its hard to name all of them.

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