In responce to the Daily Post’s : Critical Eye:

I have found that listening to soundtracks a lot of people are critical of various composers. They may even say that soundtracks are boring to them. Huh? Have you ever heard a John Williams score? Do you know who John Williams is? Its very disheartening when people have never heard of music you have grown up on. I’m absolutely elated that John Williams is still alive and is doing the Star Wars Episode VII Score!

What about you? What do you find that gives you a critical eye. I’ve found that there are bad soundtracks out there. Yes, I admit it, there are bad scores! I’m not totally immune to having that opinion, but when did you last say that score was interesting. I try to find the good in alot of the soundtracks that I review or post.

I hope you have found my ranting to be sufficient. This has been the results of Blogging 101 assignment 10. To do a post regarding a promo.

Well I leave you with a John Williams Piece and hope you like it.

This is John Williams Best Works


Enjoy the music and Happy Listening!